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To transform means to “change the form, nature and the appearance of something”. Like the Alchemist who turns lead into gold. As we journey through life, things change, energy changes, the atmosphere changes, relationships change, friendships change, priorities change, values change.

As we grow with life, not only do we grow older, but WE grow too. This is life. This is the nature of life.

Life is transforming all of the time, sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes we are not aware of it, it’s subtle. It is more often than not these subtle energy changes that have the most impact on our lives, the bigger changes we seem to cope better with. However, it is in the subtle changes and evolving energy that we are not so aware of that brings our greatest challenge, leading to fear, anxiety, stubbornness, and generally feeling stuck and unhappy even though “on paper” we have everything.

So why don’t we feel it? Why doesn’t our Life feel happy, joyous, relaxed, creative? Why do we feel stuck? Why are our thoughts more attuned to negative responses, rather than positive responses?

The Truth is we are not transforming in flow. We are not aware of how to clear and cleanse and replenish in order to feel good.

IF WE ARE WAITING FOR PEOPLE, LIFE, CIRCUMSTANCES TO CHANGE, WE WILL LIVE IN THE ENERGY OF “WAITING”. Waiting for someone to change, waiting to lose weight, waiting for the perfect home, relationship, job, friend, the list goes on forever.

We have no control over other people, not their thoughts, not their behaviours, not their habits. We only have control over OURSELVES. Once we learn to transform the Inner Self, we can merge with the outer world in harmony and resolution.

How The Divine Connections Monthly Subscription Group can help you

  • Would you like to live your life in harmony and resolution?
  • Would you like to feel free from other people’s opinions, intentions, obligations and attune to your own?
  • Would you like to be in a group of likeminded people who are transforming together into harmony and resolution, step by step?
  • Would you like to FEEL AND BE SUPPORTED instead of feeding off other people’s expectations?
  • Would you like to be in alignment with your own mind, body and soul?
  • Would you like to have the knowledge, guidance and support systems in place each month to transform your life into harmony and peace, without having to change the world around you by focusing on change from within and understanding your journey?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, then I hold the space for you to Divinely Connect and Transform from “waiting” to “living your best life now” as you find your diamond, sparkle and your creative manifestation within and the gift of an amazing precious life, one month at a time.

What you get with The Divine Connections Monthly Subscription Group

For a monthly subscription of just €50.00 for twelve months (total €600), with this investment in your future you can:

In this subscription group, you will be given a personal one-to-one reading with me every month via Zoom which will be recorded and sent to your phone so you always have these personal messages.

A month-by-month in-depth reading that will guide your life in all ways including relationships, career, family, finances, etc.

You will receive a week-by-week recorded Angel message for our group to uplift and inspire us, also sent to your phone.

There will be a weekly Zoom call where we will all gather together and hear inspiring messages from your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Ancestors. You will receive meditation and mindfulness techniques and tips on how to manifest an amazing life.

If you can’t join live on Thursday evenings the recording will be sent to you that same evening

Subscription fee: €50.00 per month by Revolut or Bank Transfer
How to join my Divine Connections Monthly Subscription Group: Please contact me today to join at lizcorbett40@hotmail.com or 087-6555317 with any questions you may have!

I look forward to journeying with you.



“We are like an Acorn, which has the potential to be a magnificent oak tree. We need nourishment, encouragement and the light to reach towards, but the oaktreeness is already within.”

John Whitmore



  • I went to Liz Corbett on recommendation. I was looking for guidance and clarity and direction going forward with my business. My concerns and questions were all answered throughout the reading through the messages that my angels and spirit guides channelled through Liz. I left feeling uplifted and with very clear direction, which has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life. I would recommend Liz to anyone looking for direction, clarity and guidance in any area of life.


  • I just had the most “on point” reading yet again with Liz. When you just need a little help or direction or guidance Liz always gets straight to the core of the situation. Anyone needing guidance or just to make sense of what’s going on for you or to help with the next steps it’s definitely worth booking an appointment with Liz.



  • I had my first reading with Liz nearly 5 years ago. My life was in tatters and I was a mental and physical wreck. Liz helped me turn my life right around through readings and healing sessions. Today my life is good and thanks to Liz I am a new person – more confident, assertive and outgoing.


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