Liz Corbett

I am a channel with and of Spiritual Higher Beings of Love and Light – Angels, Archangels, Ascefefnded Masters, Spirit Guides, and Elemental Beings. Together, we connect with your Spirit Team to reveal profound, life-changing information for your journey here on Mother Earth.

As we go through life, many of us lose the inherent, natural connection to ourselves and to spirit. Anxious and low in confidence, we get lost in our roles and in other people’s dramas, often putting others’ need before our own. Indecisive and confused, we’re unsure of our purpose and we feel that something is missing. Although we know there’s more to life, we don’t know how to find it and we are afraid of the unknown.

I merge with Spiritual Higher Beings who work through me to hold space for you to bring soothing, calming, beautiful messages to your Four-Body Divine Being: Your Physical Being, Your Emotional Being, Your Energetic Being and Your Soul / Spirit Being.

I introduce you to your very own Soul and Spiritual Team who guide and support you in love and light. Holding space for you, I teach you how to align into your Divinity and Oneness in preparation for 5th Dimensional (5D) living. Together, we help you leave the past behind and find freedom from other people’s beliefs and opinions, holding sacred your own. I help you to release fear-based thoughts so you can co-create loving thoughts and behaviours that enhance your life. I empower you to stand into the mastery of your life, your journey, your uniqueness, your sacredness.

In a safe, warm and nurturing environment with no judgment, I offer a wide range of tools, techniques and modalities, both spiritual and practical, so you are brought to a most wonderful place in your life. This is an insightful and uplifting journey of real, authentic awareness. As we balance and reconnect mind, body and spirit and you ascend to your Higher Self, we acknowledge and celebrate your Time to Transform.

I offer a variety of individual and group sessions to support you wherever you are at in your spiritual journey.

My three subscription groups can also quite literally change your life for the better, just like my life, and the lives of other people in these groups.

These are my Angel Support Group, Divine Connections Group and Professional Mentoring Programme.

I also have the added facility to be able to record your online session so that you can re-connect with this special experience and get the most out of the invaluable divine information. Under WORK WITH ME, you’ll find all the wonderful ways in which I can serve you. 

Love and light, Liz x


My Qualifications include:

• Professional Spiritual Healing – BSY Group
• Masters in Oracle Card Reading – Kyle Gray
• Angel Therapy – Hay House
• Channelling – Centre of Excellence
• The Akashic Records – Centre of Excellence
• Mindfulness – Priority Academy
• Meditation – Priority Academy
• Psychic Development – Julian Jenkins
• Coaching – The Mind Expert Academy
• QTT Practices – The Mind Expert Academy
• Self-Development – Shep
• Relationship Communication – Shep

With this range of qualifications and experience in all fields of Self-Development combining Spiritual and Practical modalities I can help you overcome and effectively manage:

• Fear
• Anger
• Procrastination
• Overwhelm
• Confidence Issues
• Relationship Issues
• Career and Life Purpose Issues

Because of my my own experiences in overcoming and managing these life challenges, I also specialise in:

• Divorce and Separation
• Self-Love and Self-Care Issues
• The Death of Siblings and Parents
• Financial Issues

Let us face the issues at hand, whatever they may be, so that you can move forward with your life full of confidence in yourself and your ability to live life to the fullest, supported by a beautiful connection to yourself and the world around you.


  • I booked a session with Liz as I was feeling a bit exhausted and needed a bit of clarity. I do this for my clients but I needed someone else to hold space for me. Liz has such a deep connection with her guides and her channelling abilities are an absolute gift. I received guidance for my health and business and also received information that will help me to create a simpler way going forward than I had imagined. I had to just sit for a few hours afterwards to absorb all of the messages and the healing energy. I felt so supported and loved and utterly grateful for the beautiful space that she created. Thank you so much Liz for all you do! 

    Aishling Mooney 
    Spiritual Business Mentor and Book Coach

  • Liz is a very intuitive soul with a beautiful energy. Her guidance really is transformative and empowering. I feel an even deeper connection to my guides now and Liz has helped me get clarity and focus for the future. I highly recommend Liz’s services. Thank you Liz!


  • Flowers

    I had a reading with Liz Corbett quite by chance when I was away for a weekend. Even though I was quite unsure what to expect I had a wonderful experience with Liz and my angels and guides. The reading gave me complete reassurance that the decision I had made to become self employed and work with teenagers was the right path for me – this was priceless to me and I can’t thank you enough, Liz.


  • It was a new experience for me to go to Liz for a reading, it’s something I would have been very cynical about in the past and I didn’t really know anyone who goes for Angel Card Readings. Being used to practical therapies like life coaching where they take a more logical approach I must say that working with Liz blew my mind – the connection I felt and the sense of truth in the information I was receiving was phenomenal.


  • Thank you so much Liz! your a amazing, always enjoy our sessions together, always get peace of mind after seeing you. 💕


  • Since working with Liz I’ve gotten so much clarity and peace of mind and the message is always so pure and undiluted. It’s a privilege to sit with someone who can connect with your angels and who can deliver the messages the angels want you to know. Liz is excellent value for money considering the profoundness of the information you are getting. She is loving and welcoming and she always puts her heart into the message she’s delivering to you.


  • Liz has a welcoming and calming energy which puts you at ease throughout the session. Liz provides great clarity and guidance in the readings. I always leave sessions grounded and at peace within myself. Would highly recommend.

  • Liz is so fabulous to work with. I have had one to one sessions with Liz in the past and currently doing group work with her. She is so professional yet warm and caring. She delivers her messages with such clarity and is so supportive and real. I have experienced  a huge sense of calm and clarity and  reduced anxiety since teaming up with Liz. I look forward to our weekly meetings as they set me on the right path for the week ahead.

  • Would highly recommend Liz.  She has a true gift. Loving the Alchemist Journey. Amazing results receiving beautiful healing energy ❤️.

  • Thank you Liz for your wonderful teachings and insights. Your way of teaching is down to earth and relatable. Thank you for giving me hope and courage. I’d highly recommend Liz’s Time to Transform and The Alchemists Journey programs.

  • Thank you so much Liz!

    The session was an absolute tonic! I felt filled up with angelic energy and inspiration afterward.

    I loved your heartfelt and deep connection to the angelic realms and got so much comfort from everything you said. I got some clarity around a couple of projects that I’ve been considering and know exactly what to do next.

    Your help as well with seeing the bigger picture of my life and work was so helpful and I feel I let go of years of guilt and worry. Thank you for being such a beautiful light in the world.

    Aishling Mooney 
    Angel Intuitive, Author, Teacher & Spiritual Business Mentor
  • Working With Liz is amazing,
    I learned a lot about myself with the sessions.
    I really enjoyed working her.

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