Phoenix Rising: 22 Inspiring Stories of Triumph, Transformation, and Divine Intervention Paperback 

Contributor Liz Corbett

In this beautiful collaboration, “Phoenix Rising: 22 Stories of Triumph, Transformation, and Divine Intervention.” Twenty-two authors open up about their personal journeys of overcoming challenges, finding inner peace, and experiencing moments of divine guidance and intervention. Each story is a beacon of hope and inspiration, offering readers wisdom, healing, and a fresh perspective on life’s ups and downs.

Join us on this journey as we rise from the ashes, emerge from adversity, discover inner strength and resilience, and are empowered by the boundless love and light within us to surmount any challenges and embrace the limitless possibilities ahead.

Aishling Mooney, a spiritual mentor, angel intuitive and transformational book coach is dedicated to supporting spiritual business owners to create sustainable, fulfilling AND profitable businesses.

Divine Pen Publishing is committed to sharing transformative stories. We support spiritual entrepreneurs and authors to share their journeys of growth, divine intervention, and healing. We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change. Whether through self-publishing or the traditional route, we provide support every step of the way, fostering an environment where voices can be heard and hearts touched, one story at a time.

Cover design by Moses, Pro_graphics360

Read my proud contribution to this wonderful bestselling book. Purchase Phoenix Rising in Kindle or Paperback format today on Amazon today!


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