Liz Corbett

Connecting with and channeling the angelic and spiritual realms since 2006, Liz has dedicated herself to sharing her message that we are never alone, regardless of what struggles we are facing in our lives.

As an Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Channel, Teacher, Relationship Coach and Bestselling Author of Phoenix Rising, Liz works with individual and group clients online via Zoom as well as in person. She has developed a unique approach to personal development that’s grounded in the day-to-day of life while also incorporating the richness of spirit.

With the help of her angelic and spirit guides, Liz has herself overcome many challenges including bereavement, separation, job loss and financial difficulties. Such life experience makes Liz very real, and she has developed a reputation for her natural, warm and empathic approach.

Passionate about introducing people to a true, tangible and healing relationship with spirit, Liz provides a vital service that gives clear, positive and meaningful guidance. Empowering her clients to make the decisions that are right for them, Liz’s mission is to see each person leave with a spring in their step and renewed hope for the future.


Working with leading angelic, spiritual and personal development experts in Ireland and abroad, since 2012 Liz has completed training and mentoring in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Quantum Thinking Technologies® (QTT), as well as Guided by Angels Qualified Angel Worker, Angel Mastery Program, Certified Angel Guide, Akashic Records, Social Health and Education Project (SHEP) Certificate in Personal Development, Rahanni Energy Healing and Professional Spiritual Healing.

Liz works with the fifteen energies of the angelic realm. She uses one or more of her many oracle card decks as appropriate to each reading to give clarity, meaning and support in areas including relationships, life purpose, wellbeing, career and finances. The card decks cater for a variety of interests and beliefs and encompass angels, guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides, traditional oracle, energy, power animals, mermaids and dolphins, fairies, unicorns and mediumship.
Committed to providing a wonderful client experience, Liz’s holistic range of tools and techniques further includes life coaching, colour therapy, releasing and journaling. 
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