Meditation and Mindfulness for Groups

Overview: Through channeled guidance, in this group Meditation and Mindfulness session I hold space for you and teach you how to:

  • Step into and connect with your higher power
  • Respond to life instead of react to it
  • Bring the very best of you forward
  • Step away from the created dramas of life
  • Leave the old parts of you that are no longer needed behind
  • Release limiting beliefs and limitations that are set up subconsciously
  • Stay present within yourself
  • Stand into the simplicity of beauty of grace and gratitude

These Meditation and Mindfulness group sessions bring you tools of peace and awareness so you can set yourself free while mastering your own powerful energy field.

These sessions enable you to find peace within your spirit while also empowering you to look after your mind that creates your thoughts, your feelings and therefore your reality. I help you connect to the space in between (the difference between thinking and doing) and the light within you so you can create the calm, the gratitude and the ease. Together, let’s bring you to your very best life.

How it works: I keep each group to smaller numbers to create a trusted and intimate environment where every participant shares in the power of the group and gets the opportunity to share your experiences with others.

Each Meditation and Mindfulness group session is one and half hours and is done online via Zoom for your convenience or at a venue near you. Please contact me at to inquire about the date of the next group session.

Investment: €20 per participant


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