Group Angel Talks and Workshops

As a passionate, inspiring motivational speaker, I give Angel Talks and Workshops to groups to help manage all aspects of our lives through the assistance of our wonderful angelic and spiritual teams. Some of the compelling and engaging topics that are covered with my groups include relationships, life purpose, wellbeing, career, finances and Law of Attraction. Focusing on the power of the mind and the importance of positive thinking, I channel angelic and spiritual support and guidance on coping with difficult emotions such as stress, fear, anxiety, rejection, hurt and abandonment so we can step into our true power and live our best lives.

My Angel Talks and Workshops are available to a wide variety of associations, clubs and societies including ladies’ groups, fitness groups, mixed groups and education groups. Talk or Workshop content is customised to the specific needs of each group. These profound, change-orientated sessions can be delivered in homes as well as in public venues.

Get in touch with me on +353 (0)87 655 5317 to discuss your group’s requirements and hire me to speak today.
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